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Application for admission is completely free. You will only pay the course fees AFTER admission.

We admit new Trainees every January, may and September of every year. Meaning you make your applications one month prior to the official intake period, for example, in December, April and August.

Online Reporting

All continuing Trainees who were actively in session the immediate last term or are resuming their next session from industrial attachment are expected to report online before reporting physically for their session.

If you deferred your studies for a period of time and wish to resume back, you have to physically report to the Office of The Registrar Academics for approval and session update before you can be allowed to report online.

IIf you forgot your student portal password, you click on forgot password and enter the email address you used to create your account and click submit, then log into that email address and open the email from St Joseph Nyang'oma TTI ICT and click on the password reset link, enter your new password, confirm it and click change password. You can then log into your account with your new password.

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Registrar Academics

Class Sessions, Course Deferment, Online Reporting and Student ID related queries

ICT Officer

Account Creation, Password Reset, Email Reset, Online Applications, Online Reporting, Unit Registration queries

Dean of Students

Accommodation queries

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