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Detail About How To Apply

Our online portal provices a robust and quick solution to allow you to apply for a course from the comfort of your location, provided you have and internet enabled smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop, simply create an account, activate the account, log into the account, complete your profile, upload your application documents, choosle a course and click the apply button.

Our Team will go through your application and if satisfied and you meet the minimum criteria for the course they shall approve the application and you shall get your admission documents via the email you specified during your account creation. Remember to indicate an email you can easily access. The process is totally free and can be done anywhere in and beyond Kenya.

From the confort of your location leveraging technology
Based on admission requirements
Artisan, Certificate and Diploma CBET Equivalent Levels
Interact with colleagues from diverse backgrounds

The Application Process


Start Online Submission

Visit to open the online applications web page

Create an Account

Enter your details accurately and ensure you indicate an email address that you have access and a password that you can easily remember

Activate your Account

Log into the email you indicated during the account creation and locate an email from ST Jospeph Nyang'oma TTI, open it and click on 'Verify' button to activate your applicant account, remmeber to note down the application ID since it is your username.

Gather Necessary Documents

Scan your relevant application document such as birth certificate or National ID, KCPE and KCSE Certificate/Result Slip and a Passport Picture. Ensure each file does not exceed 2Mb in size.

Apply for Admission

Log into your new account and click on the profile section, complete your profile, attach the scanned documents and save at each section before moving to the next.

Submit Application

Click on Courses Section , choose the course you wish to apply for and click Apply button to complete your application.

Things To Know First

The following are the basic requirements you need before applying.

You will need :

  • Either a Smartphone, Tablet, laptop or Desktop
  • Internet Connectivity
  • A working email address that you have its passord

When To Apply?

When To Apply?

Each year we accept and process online applications for January, May and September Intakes. For further inquiries reach out to us via;

  • P.O. Box 33 - 40601 Bondo, Kenya
  • Mobile: 0755165570
  • Email: